Burns Innovation Group


Steve Burns

Landmark Square II
Suite 806
1708 Dolphin Avenue
Kelowna, BC
Canada, V1Y 9S4

Toll Free: 877-763-4022
Tel: (250) 763-4716
Cell: (250) 863-9522
Fax: (877) 353-8608
Email: steve@burnsinnovation.com
Web Site: www.burnsinnovation.com

Also Visit: www.steveburns.ca


Burns Innovation Group Inc. is a full-service consulting firm that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business.
Our Vision:
A business environment where entrepreneurs strive for excellence in serving their marketplace, employees, stakeholders and communities
Our Mission:
To help entrepreneurs build successful and rewarding businesses by providing hands-on consulting services.
Our Core Values:
1. Always strive to the highest possible standard of quality in delivering consulting services in an ethical and moral manner.
2. Have a tangible, positive impact on every company and individual with whom we come into contact.
3. Help entrepreneurs and their employees reach their fullest potential through effective planning and execution.
4. Team members will be provided with an excellent working experience and a balance between their work and personal lives.
5. Actively seeking feedback on how to improve and implement change for the better.